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   Origin:  Buffalo, New York
   Genres:  Rock, Psychedelia, Electronica, Funk, Progressive
   Years Active:  2017- Present
Short Bio

Founded on fun and friendship, Cypher is a high energy groove rock based band blending elements of funk, psychedelia, electronica, progressive, and many other genres attempting to generate their own sound like no other band before. With a wide variety of influences within the music scene and an extensive catalog of songs and carefully chosen covers, no show is ever the same to keep things fresh and exciting.

Featured on 107.7 FM Alternative Buffalo's 'Localized' on April 15th, 2018 & November 11th 2018.

The band was nominated & voted #1 for 'Best Original Band of 2018' & bassist Jeff Miller nominated & received honorable mention for 'Best Bassist of 2018' by ALLWNYNEWS.COM.


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